Tuesday, March 3, 2015

211 "Aftershocks"

Coulson's team comes to grips with what Daisy Johnson has done while Raina grapples with what they have become. Pete and Pete monitor episode 211, "Aftershocks."




  1. Re: Radio Shacks as Hydra Outposts.
    If you think about it, it's brilliant. An company like Radio Shack need only be subverted only at middle manager levels in accounting, computer networks, and shipping. It could then supply logistical support to HYDRA agents on mission in the form of money, tech (like burner phones), and ground shipped (but disguised as heavy tech equipment) goodies like weapons, ammo, and explosives). Nobody in the branch stores needs to know anything and can be ordinary people. HYDRA can even arrange to safeguard their asset by placing fake evidence to frame the upper executives and management if a law enforcement investigation threatens to go too deep. Then they can covertly purchase the company as it's in turmoil and re sell it to some dupe to maintain their asset.

    Hail HYDRA!

    It's a good thing Radio Shack is going out of business.

  2. I should add a subverted Radio Shack accounting department would be able to keep the money flowing by loading HYDRA agents' fake or store bought gift credit card as a "reimbursement" for a "preferred customer". The money can be replaced in the corporate accounts by bogus purchases from dummy corporations using off shore accounts.